Our Flock

What our Woolfarm is all about

Our Flock

Merino, wool and breeding

The last 15 years we have developed, grown and refined our flock by importing the finest genetics from Australia. DutchMerino has become a beautiful and 'user-friendly' animal. We select for high quality, bold crimped superfine (16 to 20 micron) white, wool on a wrinkle free robust animal. Our sheep are bred for varied climates in Europe.

We love our animals and our land. Our story is about caring for the environment and continuous improvement of animal welfare because happy sheep produce the best wool in the world! Through careful and non intensive farming methods, each animal is treated as an individual with no flock wide use of dewormer or antibiotics.

Of all our individual animals we know the genetype which is important for our live stock export to other Eu countries. All Sires are genetype Arr/Arr.

Meanwhile we have succesfully exported merino’s to Denmark, Belgium, England and Scotland.

The DutchMerino is a perfect dual purpose animal that fits well in our country, but also has the ability to adapt well to different climates.

Our Flock


We currently focus to increase wool staple length (to be able to shear twice each year). Our fleeces are processed in Italy and is solled in our shop as knitting wool but we also have designer Nathalie Comans, Ministry of Knits, produce costom fits knits! Check our webshop for possibilitys

Our ‘Sires are selected for their fleece, staple length a well defined bold crimp, plain body and open faces. Dutch merino is a commercial stud producing quality Superfine Merino sheep for its own use and also for export to other EU countries.

Check here: more about the sires and their qualitys!

The farm is situated in the South West of The Netherlands in the region Dutch Flanders. Visitors with a commercial interest in Superfine Merino are welcome! If you are interested in the posibilities for import/export please contact us by e-mail.

We are certified free of Meadi Visna and all of our sires are Arr/Arr.


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